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Ceol na Mara, with its distinctive red roof sits on the edge of the beach in the village of Ardmhor at the northern end of the island. The name 'Ceol na Mara' is a Gaelic name and translates into English as 'Music of the Sea'. A fitting name for a house located right by the shore.

The beach beside the house is called 'Traigh Mhor', a Gaelic name which literally translates to 'Big Beach'. From the rear windows you can spot locals out picking cockles when the tide is out. In fact the beach is also known as the Cockle Strand. A slightly more unusual sight is seeing a plane land on the beach! Barra's airport is the only one in the world where the plane lands on a beach where the tide washes the runway twice a day.

Ceol Na Mara is comprised internally of three bedrooms, two of which are double rooms and one which is a twin room. There is also a living room, shower room, kitchen & dining room. Sleeping 6 in total, our beds are comfortable and come with freshly laundered bed linen. Our living space seats 6 comfortably featuring two sofas and an arm chair. The kitchen is equipped with a kettle, toaster, microwave, cooker & oven, dishwasher and washing machine. 

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